Welcome to Iconic Donatella's Restaurant

Proudly sitting in one of the Harrington Park's oldest, property that served locals for years and years, generations after generation and the beauty of it everyone that walks in through those doors has a good story to tell a memory to share.

Our Pasta

We are committed to providing the freshest pasta experience in NEW YORK, & NEW JERSEY. To achieve this, we bring our old family recipes with mixed grains through our on-site flour mill and combine that beautiful fresh flour with free-range eggs from local farmers market. Our pasta is hand-crafted daily and depending on the style of pasta, it’s either individually hand cut or fed through a pasta extrude.

Our Seafood

We celebrate sustainably-caught, local and seasonal seafood. Yes, seafood is also seasonal! By following spawning cycles it’s possible to that our fishermen fish in a more sustainable fashion, using best-practice methods. We offer wild-caught seafood which includes less popular species to ensure that all the fish in our waters are being utilized. Why shouldn't we experience all the fish in the sea?